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The photographer

Can I join you on a storm-chase trip (or any photo shoot)?
Do you use any filters?
Do you use special darkroom techniques to make your photos look better?
Don't you ever get bored by this photography?
How did you learn photography?
How do you deal with bystanders when photographing out in the open?
What camera do you use?
What's the best reward / satisfaction you can get for your work?
What's the most beautiful weather event for you?
Which films do you use?

Site and photos

Are the photos on this site computer-edited (digitally enhanced)?
Can you send me some info on...?
How did you make this site?
I have a nice(r) photo of phenomenon X, want to see it?
May I print out a photo to hang on the wall?
May I use a photo for a book, magazine or flyer etc.?
May I use a photo for a classroom course?
May I use a photo for a school project?
Why are all your photonames w-nnn-nn?
Why don't you have photos of...?

Weather photography

At what place on this planet is the weather most interesting?
How can I learn photography?
How do I photograph...?
What have I seen in the sky?
Where can I learn more about the weather?