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You can email me at edens@weather-photography.com.

Before emailing please read over the questions section to see if your question is answered there.

If you don't need a response from me you can also sign the guestbook.

I often get email with the following subjects. I write this down for my and your convenience; maybe you don't have to email me if your question is already answered in this section. That saves us some time!

  • Use photo in web site
    Personal homepages: not allowed.
    Non-profit organizations: please email me for permission.
    Commercial sites: email me for more information.

  • Use photo in newsletter, magazine, book, poster, etc.
    Please contact me and specify any relevant information such as number of copies to be published, how the photo will be used, the publication language and country(-ies) and such.

  • Use photo for scientific/educational presentation or thesis, report, class, etc.
    Teachers who want to use pictures for classes have my permission to use any pictures of this website, in fact I recommend you to make use of these images for educational purposes.

    For educational or scientific publications (non-commercial), you may use my photos, provided that you note my copyright and website in the report: "(c) Harald Edens, reproduced with permission" and in the reference section of your report, the website (www.weather-photography.com).

    However, I will deny any requests for larger sized photos, or slide/print film copies, unless you are willing to compensate me for the work required to provide you with those images. If you want to use images at no cost for your work, you will have to accept whatever size image is on this site. If you are in doubt whether your project qualifies for being educational or scientific, please email me.

  • Link to this site
    For this, you do not need permission, you may always link to this site. Thank you and if you want, let me know so I can check out your site.

  • Link request
    If you think your site should be included in the links section, send me an email. Keep in mind that I generally only link to relevant websites which also link to this site.

  • Request to use photo in background art on any website or in email, etc.
    Not allowed.

  • Requests for sharing of photos in web-photogalleries
    In most cases, I will not share my photos in any other gallery on the internet.

  • Request for using photos for class project, any grade
    I receive a number of emails from parents asking for permission for their child to use pictures. This falls under educational purposes and you may use the photos without the need to email me. But please note my name next to the photos, if applicable for the project.