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Welcome, and thank you for coming to this site about weather and nature photography!

This site is a photographic catalog of many weather phenomena, with techniques to photograph these yourself. The photo collection is consolidated in five galleries:

Photo of the month
Every month I select a photo of the month, which is the most remarkable or interesting photo that I took during the month.

June 2012:
Transit of Venus

Copyright notice
The photos, text and all other material on this site are copyrighted, which prohibits anyone to use the material to sell, give away, use in email or newsgroups, use in a homepage, or otherwise showing to the public without my explicit, prior, written permission.

If you want to use photos for educational, non-commercial purposes, please read the contact information on whether you need to email me for permission.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to this site, as much as I enjoy taking the pictures!

Harald Edens

Atmospheric optics
Atmospheric optics
: photographic catalog of many of the known optical effects occuring in the sky and near or on the ground

: photos of lightning and related phenomena

: photographic catalog of many different cloud types, forms and varieties

: photos of sun, moon, stars, nebulae, zodiacal light, etc

: photos of various weather-related phenomena like snow, ice, sceneries and so