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I should call this the Uzi-storm. I was photographing for the first time in Socorro, NM, USA, and didn't know the area well. I ended up on a hill in the suburbs of Socorro photographing nice isolated thunderstorms with CG lightning. However, a guy arrived saying it was his land I was on (even though it was along the road and there were no signs saying it was private property). He claimed $20, and would not allow me to leave unless he would go with me to my home (since I didn't have the $20 with me). He said he had a gun at home and he would get it if I left. Oh. After wasting 20 minutes unsuccessfully trying to solve the issue diplomatically, it was one of the thunderstorms, with a crackling bead-lightning discharge too close for comfort which made me loose my patience with him. While the idiot with his smelly burritos was asking my fake name and address to claim his $20 I ran for cover.

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