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Antisolar iridescence can be explained in the same way as that iridescence is explained, reminiscent of large rings of the corona, which are distorted. However, for antisolar iridesence it is the glory's rings, which is centered on the antisolar point. Antisolar iridescence can sometimes be seen in lenticular clouds opposite the sun, when the sun is low over the horizon. The coloring is usually very hard to see, and you have to look for it to see it. I haven't seen this phenomenon documented anywhere, which is probably because it is a quite elusive phenomenon.

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Observing tips

You can frequently see antisolar iridescence around the glory when you fly in an aircraft. Book yourself a window seat on the side of the airplane that will be in shadow most of the flight, and look for the colorful glory. The antisolar iridescence is then readily visible as a slight pastel coloring of the clouds surrounding the glory. It can sometimes be seen up to 20 or even 30 degrees away from the antisolar point.